This season, Lampard can finally fight the "rich war". A group of new players played well in the "run-in battle" against Barnsley early this morning. The old team, such as Abraham and Giroud, who are no longer stable, also proved that they can still be trusted. It is not difficult to understand why Lampard, who rarely smiled on the coaching bench before, laughed several times in the game.


The high-priced new aid Haverts not only scored the first goal of joining the team, but also scored three, completing his first career cap; the important signing of the left back, Chilwell, showed his precise arc. Passing the ball gave Giroud an assist; the veteran Thiago Silva showed his steadiness and experience in 60 minutes of appearance.

高价的新援哈弗特斯(Haverts)不仅获得了加入该团队的第一个目标,而且还获得了三分,完成了他的第一个职业生涯上限。左后卫Chilwell的重要签名显示了他的精确弧线。传球给吉鲁德助攻;经验丰富的蒂亚戈·席尔瓦(Thiago Silva)在出场60分钟后表现出了他的稳定和经验。

Lampard has no reason to be unhappy!


But it's not only this that makes Lampard "laugh presumptuously". Because the "old people" in the team are still worthy of trust.


Abraham, who was trusted last season but "drove high and low," this game made people shine. While scoring and assisting with both hands, he showed enough fighting spirit. The first goal came from his active steals, and he returned to the defense in the 40th minute to complete the interception and blocking in the third zone. This is the same as the "laziness" shown in many games after the restart of the Premier League last season "A sharp contrast is formed. After Werner, Ziyech and other new aids arrived, Abraham, who felt the crisis, finally showed his "desire to survive."


Giroud, who became the team's thigh at the end of last season, played equally well as a substitute in this game. In addition to the iconic possession of the top score, he also showed his fulcrum support and ball making ability. In the 72nd minute, he sent a great cross to Barkley after receiving a straight pass from Mount, but the latter kicked the ball wide in the face of most of the empty goal. In the 76th minute, after Giroud and Mount played together, He sent a heel pass in the double-team, allowing Mount to complete an extraordinary shot, but was saved by the opponent's goalkeeper bravely.


When Ziyech and Pulisic return from injury, then Chelsea will be "a lot of soldiers" in the midfield. Compared with being stretched out, any coach likes this kind of happy trouble. From the beginning of the transfer ban when he took over Chelsea, to now holding a large number of elite soldiers, Lampard can finally fight a "rich war".


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[视频:穿着the部并扮演守门员的人! Haverts第一次戴帽子,Lan 8像个孩子一样快乐]

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